Flux Factory Sunday Workshop Buffet in the Atelier

Sunday, August 26 12pm-5pm
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ARoS Museum’s “aRoS Public” Atelier, floor 3 (1 floor down from the lobby!)

Flux will present 4 workshops all Sunday afternoon, suitable for all ages and with all materials provided. Come join us in the Atelier to learn new skills and interact with the group of Flux artists who are working in the Atelier throughout August and September.

Workshops include:

Mini Painting Workshop
with Teng Teng

Through the mini painting workshop participants will have a unique experience of learning how to use their imagination to create an artwork on 1×1.1-inch frames. The teaching artist, TengTeng, will give hands-on instruction on how to paint with a size 0 brush on the miniature frames. The finished painting can also turn into a unique brooch, necklace. All materials will be provided and no previous painting experience was required.

See a past MiniPainting Workshop on Youtube: https://youtu.be/xdCsbtQFJi0

3D Painting Workshop
with Jevijoe Vitug

Participants will create a three-dimensional painting with fluorescent and acrylic paints. Once viewed with 3d glasses and a UV flashlight, the paintings create an immersive experience. The public may keep the artwork they created, after having learned this unique painting technique.

Creature Cabaret Workshop
with Danny Crump, Elli Weiser and Veit Kowald

A puppet and mask building workshop for playful and wild experimentation with simple scrap material such as paper, cardboard and foam. We will create fantastical characters, weird creatures, dreamlike figures or horror puppets – and perhaps we can even bring them to life! Out of trash anything can grow: a cabaret of grotesque and fun creatures and a set design for those little companions and alter egos to perform in.

Jouer au Cadavre Exquis #4
with Maya Quattropani and Giacomo Marchetti

Children are invited to create any category of magnificent artworks with unpredictable outcomes. Participants experience different art techniques on 10 meters of paper roll, re-assembling reality, producing an unconscious amalgamation of beautiful visions, monstrous characters, poetic dreams and more.